The Blessing of Togetherness

The blessing of Togetherness

Dear Friends,

What a great joy to greet you all in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in this 49th year of LTCC!

God is so great, and His deeds are indescribable! For the past 49 years, the journey of the London Tamil Christian Congregation has generated ‘Togetherness’ among the many Tamil families who have worshipped the Lord together and supported each other. Biblically, the number 49 teaches us the greatness of God as we ponder His mysterious relationship with people.  Israelites were stimulated to ponder God’s marvellous deeds at the end of every 7 years. It is called Sabbath year (Shmita).  In the Old Testament, every 7th year is special, and so the 49th year is a unique year.

Book of Exodus 23:10, 11 says, "You may plant your land for six years and gather its crops. But during the seventh year, you must leave it alone and withdraw from it.” This year, for LTCC, is the year of the completion of seven sets of seven years (49 years). I wish you all, as members of LTCC, to reflect on your own journey with LTCC.

Some of you may have experienced the previous 6 times of 7 years’ journey with LTCC, and previous celebrations, and have reflected on your past journey during each set: 1972-79; 1980-86; 1987-93; 1994-2000; 2001-07; 2008-14.

This seventh year, from 2015 to 2021, is also unique in its own way. Particularly I thank God for how, in this unprecedented time of the pandemic, we have come to understand and pray for one another’s life situation.  God has encouraged each one of us, in His mysterious ways, to know His unfailing presence in the life and work of LTCC. God is the God of hope and comfort.

I would like to remind you that the beginning of LTCC was with 7 people. But we can recollect and refresh the beauty of God’s guidance amongst us till today. The God-given hope which we have experienced in our worshipping journey together needs to be remembered so that we give thanks to God alone for His continuous, immeasurable mercy with us.

I wish and pray that the following words of Psalm 133 may be fulfilled in the present and future journey of the LTCC family and so bring glory to God now and always through our ‘journey of Togetherness’:

How very good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity! (Psalm 133:1)

I request you to reflect on ‘Together in Unity’ throughout this month, and in this special year to uplift God’s name individually and corporately.

In His Service,

Revd Jessie Anand (Porthahar Amma),

Minister, LTCC                     6th June 2021