Staring at the Risen Lord

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Eastertide prompts our ‘staring’

Dear Friends

Church liturgy always provides us tremendous inspirations which enhance our spiritual journey even in this virtual worship time. Particularly, the Season of Easter inspires us to gaze on the resurrected Lord’s ever-living presence with us.

For nearly 13 months we have been moving on with our worships together in a virtual way such as with pre-recorded videos and online services, throughout this unprecedented and devastating pandemic. We have had no physical contact such as shaking hands and hugging one another, which we usually do when we meet one another for our worship services.

There is no doubt, even with these odd situations, our Faith is renewed through virtual worships and daily evening prayers with our families and friends. All this is building us up in our common life, and safeguarding ourselves to be strong in our foundation of Faith, Hope and Love on Christ.

Life with Faith is an ongoing process affected by daily life situations but Faith molds us to be strong enough to move on and not to feel stuck in any of our indifferent, unpleasant or unexpected life situations. Faith really makes a difference to our life and not to feel that we are stuck in any!

Easter and Eastertide stories from the Gospel encourage us that Jesus, the Resurrected Lord, is still standing in the midst of us just as He did among His disciples and others after He was resurrected from the tomb. Those who looked at Him, those who touched Him and those who recognised His voice found Him to be the Resurrected Lord.

Scripture and the liturgy during this Eastertide season are motivating us to look at Him, and stare at Him and His presence amongst us, so as to know the Resurrected Lord’s mysterious ways and His marvellous deeds. This is ever obtainable amongst us.

Let me share my story from Easter Bhajan Service: I looked very deeply and I stared at His presence and I found Him as Resurrected Lord in all our preparation towards Easter Bhajan Service. I am a witness for His ever-living presence through that story. Choristers, Juniors and Youth members prepared for their special items to be included in the liturgy. They all prepared very nicely with their total commitment towards it. When Juniors from two different families were preparing an item, both chose the same song without knowing from one another what each had chosen. The song was ‘This is my God the Servant King’. I was a little perplexed but I really felt God was confirming that I should share with our Congregation this message of who Jesus was - from our Children and Youth. It all happened at the 12th hour. The next day was Sunday.  Two videos with the same song from two different families…my dilemma was, ‘How can I bring it together?’ Then our Editor shared a good idea with me for mixing the two songs together. But before we do this we need permission from the parents. Don’t we? But I was able to recognise the marvellous skills that are available from the Editor which I would like to use for the glory of God. When I approached the parents, the parents’ willingness to mix it together without any fuss revealed to me the astounding and abundant attributes of the Resurrected Lord’s presence amongst our parents and in our preparation towards the service. This may sound like an ordinary thing, but working towards the service it was an extraordinary thing that we all personally experienced this song along with the other dance, and the Choir’s special song, to worship the Lord together at this Easter Bhajan service.

I encourage you to be down-to-earth people and to look, even stare, at the resurrected Lord’s presence. May we open our eyes, look at His presence, realise and recognise Him as a living God, and glorify His ever-present reality as the Resurrected Lord who is with us every day in our lives.

Yes, we are not alone. God is with us and we can see His presence with us.

With Eastertide blessings

Revd Jessie Anand

Minister - LTCC                  1st May 2021